PIC, the global leader in porcine genetics, and Otrada, the largest independent porcine genetics distribution company in Russia, are pleased to announce that they have agreed to enter a strategic relationship which becomes effective in the first quarter of 2020. Otrada will become the exclusive partner in Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Armenia for PIC’s lines PIC®X54 (F1 female), PIC®L04 (Landrace), PIC®L05 (Yorkshire) and the PIC®800 (Duroc).

This relationship combines PIC’s leading genetic program and genetics with Otrada’s operational excellence in elite genetic production, distribution and customer service.  As a result, Russian producers will have direct access to the highest quality genetics and the relevant local support.

Otrada is a leading porcine genetic production and distribution company operating in Russia for over 15 years and has been a key enabler of the expansion of the Russian pig industry.  Russia has now reached self-sufficiency in pig production and has an opportunity to grow and become a leading exporter provided an improvement of its production efficiency occurs.  Otrada intends to invest in its breeding stock supply infrastructure to help Russian producers capture the opportunity.  The investment plans include the end-to-end process of collecting phenotype and genotype data, addition of state-of-the-art testing and data acquisition equipment to accelerate genetic gain, and the introduction of semen distribution capabilities.

As part of the collaboration, PIC will run the genetic program for Otrada and integrate the genetics from Otrada with relevant PIC genetics.  PIC will apply the latest technology to accelerate the rate of genetic gain and will focus on traits that are important to the Russian market.  PIC continues to distribute products including the PIC Camborough® and the PIC®337 through its subsidiary company Genetika PIC in Russia.

Russian producers will get multiple benefits from this strategic relationship.  They will see direct access to top quality genes without having to import them, which is the result of the status of Otrada’s nucleus farm within the PIC system. They will experience an acceleration of the rate of genetic gain which is the result of combining PIC’s and Otrada’s populations, applying PIC’s world-class genetic program to these populations, and optimizing the selection goals of the new PIC lines for the Russian market.

“This is a pivotal moment for Otrada” says Patrick Hoffmann, CEO and main shareholder of Otrada. “PIC’s genetic and technological leadership as well as its global scale is a complementary fit for Otrada’s deep understanding of the Russian market and experience.  Together, we can offer our customers access to these new PIC lines with a world class genetic potential and supporting them locally in turning this potential into actual performances.”

Jürgen Kramer, General Manager for PIC Europe adds: “We look forward to the relationship with Otrada. Otrada’s distribution network, expertise in animal production and understanding of the Russian market makes the collaboration compelling.  Through PIC’s existing operations in Russia and the new strategic relationship with Otrada, PIC can offer Russian producers the options that best fit for their systems to make them successful.”


About Otrada

Otrada, the leading independent genetic production and distribution company in Russia, was founded in 2005 by Patrick Hoffmann. Today, Otrada has 4.500 nucleus sows in the southwest of Russia and counts 13 of the top 20 Russian producers as its customers. For more information, see www.otradagroup.ru

About PIC

PIC (Pig Improvement Company) is the global leader in swine genetics. PIC provides genetically superior breeding stock to pig producers and supports with technical services to help them realize the genetic potential. PIC is a subsidiary of Genus, a UK based company that has as its vision to pioneer animal genetic improvement to help nourish the world.

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Natalia Gornostayeva, Head of Genetic sales of Otrada, telephone number +7 903 032 9606

Jack Keane, General Manager PIC Russia, telephone number +7 903 885 9616